About Essencia.co

Every month, Essencia.co delivers unique products to thousands of unique people around the world.

Based in beautiful Orlando, Florida, with a small but talented team of 30 people, we founded Essencia.co with one simple goal: to provide high quality & expertly designed products to customers with free shipping to any part of the world.

As an avid hunter, outdoors person & a fashion addict herself, Essencia.co CEO & Founder Brittany Elizabeth designed & sourced products that she knew she would love to own herself. As a digital nomad she realized the value of free shipping to any part of the world early on, and as such Essencia.co provides free shipping on all of its products to any part of the world from North America to Asia to Australia / NZ.

Instead of offering a huge, unoriginal collection, we carefully curate and develop just a few unique products that Essencia.co customers absolutely love to buy and use.

We focus on items that will get you excited about shopping again, excited about hunting again, excited about fashion again, because buying online should be fun and exciting. With special unmatched deals and free worldwide shipping, we make it quite affordable too.

A Great Cause

A portion of all Essencia.co purchases goes to Disabled American Veterans (DAV), an amazing charity which empowers veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity.

We also provide special discounts to all members of the US & Canadian armed forces, simply e-mail us if you are a current or former US or Canada armed forces member and we will be happy to give you a special army discount!

A Guarantee

We're so confident that you will love our products, we offer 100% free global shipping on most items, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't like something you bought? Tell us about it, and we'll be happy to issue a full refund.

Have Any Questions? E-mail or Call us Toll Free.

We'll be happy to help! Contact us now using our contact page, or email us at support@essencia.co or call us Toll Free on +1 800 737 1220.

Happy Shopping!

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